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Martial Arts Guelph
355 Elmira Rd, N. Unit #103, Guelph, ON. N1K 1S5. 519.841.3992
Martial Arts Guelph
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The Adult program is geared to adults ages 14 and up.  Students range in age from 14 to 65 years of age.  The class structure is designed to teach students overall physical fitness, mental aptitude, and effective street wise self defence techniques.

Karate and the traditional martial arts teach us to cooperate and to seek perfection of character. While karate does indeed foster physical fitness, it is also about character development and pacifism. The balance sought through training and physical conditioning as well as through the exploration of martial philosophy, using the tools of intelligence and introspection, results in a richer life through deeper understanding of the self, and an appreciation of humanity. Through the pursuit and spirit of martial arts, one makes a choice to forge a steadfast and principled philosophy of life, establish a peace-oriented view of the world, cultivate physical strength, learn the values of courtesy and patience, and pave the way for international friendship.

In the current fighting arts such as the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC), if you lose a rule-based, submission style fight you can train for another month or another year and maybe win your next match. In traditional karate, you train for a real live self-defense situation where you have only the moment. There is no second chance; either you are injured (sometimes critically) or you call upon your training and defeat your attacker.

Childrens Program
Ages 6 and up

The spirit of traditional karate can be summarized in the final written words of the founder of Okinawa Goju karate, Master Chojun Miyagi, (1888-1953). “ Do not be struck by others. Do not strike others. The principle is peace without incident”.

Additionally, the way of hard and soft teaches the karate-ka that punches are not always the most effective. Most people no longer condition their hands because of our technology-based culture. Yagi, Sensei often says “Teeth are very hard and over time will break down and fall out. Your tongue is soft and you will have your tongue from the time you are born until you die”. Children are taught to strike, stab and slap with open hands to the soft points of the body. It is more practical that young children especially, understand they can be just as effective in protecting themselves using soft techniques rather than brute strength. 

Little Dragons Program
Ages 4 and 5

 This 45 minute class is offered Saturday mornings.  Class size is kept to a maximum of 10 kids with several instructors. This class is designed to introduce your child to karate. Utilizing the more traditional, Eastern philosophy of training, our martial art is viewed as a part of ones life. Learning is gained through interactive games, training in basic karate techniques, kata (forms) and story time. The purpose of this class is to use karate practice as a vehicle to build physical, mental and social skills. Physically, your child will work to develop co-ordination, strength, balance and both large and small motor skills. Mentally, your child will work towards improving concentration. Socially children will learn responsibility for their actions, to work with partners, take instruction and be introduced to the basic moral precepts of the dojo.

Child Fitness Tax Credit (NEW FOR 2007)

The Guelph Budokan Centre of Martial Arts traditional karate program is a Revenue Canada recognized physical fitness activity for which you may claim your child/children's membership fees.  Submissions for this fitness tax credit must be in accordance with the Revenue Canada guidelines as outlined at  Eligibility for this tax credit commenced in January 2007.

Tax receipts will be issued, on request and at no cost to the member.


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Guelph Budokan Centre of Martial Arts .
355 Elmira Rd, N. Unit #103, Guelph, ON. N1K 1S5